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Made with #1 Alfalfa and combined with the best bermuda this is a great blend of protein, fiber, and vitamins for your horse. This 3/8" pellet is binder, filler, and trash free. 

Added to the pellet is molasses and vitamin salt to create a top quality product  at a low wholesale price. 

We call it our Econo Pellet, clean #1 Alfalfa cut and pressed together with wheat straw to provide you with a great protein and fiber 1/4" pellet for your horse. No binders, fillers, or trash. This product is certified weed free too!


  • More consistent feed. Rations can be accurately measured, virtually eliminating problems and diseases due to feeding errors.


  • Horses keep a trim belly, even when heavily fed.


  • Less dust (lessens instances of heaves).


  • Pellets are convenient. They are simple to transport and easy to store. They take up less space in the barn.


  • All pellets meet US Forest Service Certification claim: #04-17-00-1 for weed free feed.


  • Less waste equals less feed cost. By comparison, a noticeable percentage of hay is scattered and trampled.


  • Pellets are highly digestible, resulting in maximum utilization of ingredients.


  • Older horses and horses with bad teeth thrive on pellets. Pellets can be soaked, which makes them much easier to chew and digest.


  • With Saturday Hay Sale brand hay pellets, you have consistent, high quality product with guaranteed analysis.


  • All of Saturday Hay Sale pellets are free of bentonite or any clay products used as binders.


  • Better digestion means less stall clean up of manure.

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