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Your #1 choice for quality Horse Hay at Wholesale Prices. 


Gordon Hay has been doing business on the corner of Euclid and Pine since 1978. They move over 100,000 tons of hay a year from Parker AZ and Blythe CA to the dairies here in Chino and in the San Joaquin Valley. Gordon Hay has top farmers make quality horse hay exclusively for the Saturday Hay Sales. The 1st Saturday of the Month Hay Sale started in 1992 selling just a few loads of hay, but today they sell over 4,500 bales of hay on the 1st Saturday of the Month. Come experience the largest Hay Sale in the country, or you can experience the 3rd Saturday of the Month Hay Sale, the only difference between the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Saturday is that you have an exclusive loading appointment at the 3rd Saturday Sale.

First Saturday of the Month Hay Sale

7am - Noon. 

First Come, First Served.

Third Saturday of the Month Hay Sale by Appointment Only

6:30am - Noon 

Call or text Vanessa at (909) 938-4582 to make an Appointment. 

Monthly recurring appointments available, ask us how! 


  • Great hay at wholesale prices

  • Fast loading with our Express Lane for 12 bales or less 

  • Friendly service plus free coffee and donuts

  • Rain - Shine - Holidays we're open every 1st and 3rd Saturday 

  • Simple and easy check out

  • Guaranteed hay at our advertised price


We don't want you to leave with any hay you don’t like; because after you leave the yard, we don’t exchange hay. So if you are not happy with the hay when our loaders are loading your vehicle, all you have to do is tell them the bales you don’t  like and they will be taken out of your vehicle. They will set that bale aside and give you another bale that meets your satisfaction.


Be sure to count your hay before you checkout to ensure that you have all the bales you intend to pay for. Once you leave the yard  all sales are final.


  Our goal is to bring you alfalfa that is:​

  • Clean- free of weeds, grass, rocks, dirt and trash.

  • Cured- a flat stem (not alfalfa baled on stem moisture). Soft hay is cured hay.

  • Color- a rich Army Green, not bleached, and not dark Pea Green.

  • No Mold- no excessive moisture in the bale

  • Bales that flake- not shatter bales

  • Summer Cuttings- with protein levels averaging 16 protein and 52.5 TDN.

  • Tight bales that average 97-102lbs. per bale.

  • No rain damage or bottom damaged hay.

Try our Hay Pellets! Don't let the price fool you, they are top Hay pellets made by Manchester Feed of Arizona. Talk to our resident Cowboy Dave about our Pellets and his own feed - Enhance. 

Please beware of imposters or imitators who match our price but not our quality or bale weights. We are committed to bringing you Quality Hay at Wholesale Prices!!!

See you at out next Sale! Thank you for your continued business. 

~ Craig Gordon

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